French industrial steam engine clock

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`."This remarkable timepiece, possibly the most complicated of its kind in the world, was designed and made by Rasmus Sørnes (1893 - 1967) in Moss, Norway."

O' CLOCK: Comes from the term "of the clock" because in olden times, there were many ways to tell time, by sundial, hourglass or even using water or candles.

Industrial novelty mechanical clock barometer in the form of a steam engine - A. Mucoli Figlio of Palermo. c. 1885.

Steampunk Clocl

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Clock, Thermometer, Barometer, and Steam Engine Automation. France, 1890. Christie’s

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Jay Strongwater Mayfair Leaf & Bee Clock - Neiman Marcus

French industrial steam clock and barometer (circa 1890).

Steampunk clock

French Mantle: Enameled rolling ball French mantle clock.

Steam punk clock out of camera.



Classic Metal Case Camera Clock (6x6) $ 19 - Heavy metal case. 6'tall x 6" wide x 5" deep. Original classic camera with working clock . Leather strap.

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Behold the Power of Steam!!

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