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Build Your Own Self Watering Containers

Variations of self watering containers, self-watering grow boxes, or self-watering planters are sold online, but you can make them yourself for much less.

This festive lighted heat mat will help warm your seeds. It's inexpensive to build, and it can be sized to suit your seed flats.

Global Garden Friends founder Mike Donaldson discusses plant nutrients with General Hydroponics at the L show in Reno, Nevada. Find out about how you can help your garden with the nutrients General Hydroponics is sharing with the world.

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During the growing season, prune roses by looking for the first set of five leaves where you'll see a leaf bud. Prune just above this bud at a 45 degree angle that will assure the new growth will grow outward from the plant and not inward. This can be done as you dead