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  • Claire Friederick

    British Boys>>> a.k.a; Tom Daley ;)

  • Eva Röben

    Calvin klein Great Britain diving team Tom Daley, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears.

  • Savanah Hardcastle

    Football players... eeh. Baseball players... ok. Soccer players...pretty good. But divers... yum. That's where it's at. :)

  • Bethany Adkins

    "Tom Daley and the british mens diving team" Bristish guys REALLY love Calvin Klein..... :b hahahah!

  • Brooke Vogel

    TomDaley chris mears and jack laughter

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Tom Daley, British Diving Team, I'm obsessed with him

Michael Wilson - Freshman, Charlie's roommate and best friends with Isabel and Amelia. I'll probably make him date Amelia for a while too. I don't know. I can have some fun with this guy.

mmm...wish i knew his name! On second thought, I don't really need to know it...ill just fawn over his deliciousness.

ok i never pin because the person is hot, but holy crap. he is beautiful

I will be watching diving this year! London 2012

Chris Mears.....yet another hot diver from Great Britain

Hello Tom Daley. "stop showering with your clothes on" lol you are too hot please leave no wait stay lol ok

I love them! Except Jake's arms are too buff for my taste, but his gorgeous green eyes make up for it.

Dear, Lord. Thank you for Hugh Jackman. He is GORGEOUS! Love, The Girl Drooling Over This Picture.

Well I must kiss you since you are under the mistletoe ;)