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When I first understood how much my Jesus loves me it crushed me. Not crushed me as in I was devastated, but crushed as in amazed, humbled, thankful, and totally overwhelmed. He is the creator of the universe and so much more we don't even know, yet He wants me. Not anything I can give Him, just me.

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this could not be more true. so thankful of a God who is faithful when I'm not. Wow. Thanks God!!!<3

God's love is perfect and the only love that will never fail and never give up

GOD will always strengthen you, that is when you are doing what the Lord has shown you to do. The Lord will never ever strengthen you while you hold onto the hand of the devil, that is simply the truth. God said a man is either for me or against me. If you hold onto the Lord not only will he strengthen you, he will fight for you, go before you and prepare the road before you.