Muhammad & Laila Ali, by Michael Gaffney 1978

“ Muhammad Ali and his daughter, Laila Ali by Michael Gaffney. 1978 ” - Muhammad Ali and his daughter, Laila Ali by.

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner

Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner - Mel brooks films are just hilarious! Love his movies♡ Carl reiner was a talented and funny comedian. I love this pic of the two :)- liza

Child of the Sixties Forever: Carol Burnett & Phyllis Diller

Carol Burnett and Phyllis Diller - 2 of the best funny ladies ever. Rest peacefully Phyllis Back in the days when things were fun.

Dog and Baby...i will have to do this with Cooper.

Dog and baby. Tried this with my lab but she kept getting up to lick the baby, guard him or go get me because I had clearly abandoned him. Might work with a less concerned dog. She still fetches me every time baby cries.

precious - John F. Kennedy with his daughter Caroline in 1960

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JFK and Caroline Kennedy. Father and Daughter Having a Tea Party at the White House.Being A Father Seemed the Greatest Delight of JFK's Short Life.Especially Since He Came To The Job Late In Life.A Sweet Pic.


Pictures of Cute Babies and Lovely Kids Wallpapers. Get the sweet kiss of this baby Girl - UHHHH So sweet! Baby Kiss Picture to make you s.

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Ali, The greatest, I'm so bad I make medicine sick, failure is not an option, motivation.

Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong - Muhammad Ali