Ten Proven Blue Flowers which will brighten up your garden

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~~ Blue! African Daisy by Luis Correia ~~

African Daisy by Luis Correia ~~

Geranium wallichianum 'Buxton's Blue'

Geranium Buxton's Blue - This true blue perennial is perfect for semi-shaded borders. An easy care plant, it blooms from late spring to early summer. Cutting back faded flowers ensures future blooms for lucky zones

Blues, whites and purples....makes for a beautiful perrenial flower bed

Blues, whites and purples.makes for a beautiful perrenial flower bed- sans daisies

Blue Marguerite daisies

Felicia amelloides Blue Marguerite has bright blue daisy-like flowers which cover the pretty foliage for much of the year. Suitable for pots, borders, rockeries and mixed garden beds. Tolerates frost and coastal air. Prefers a full sun to part shade.

Blue Hue

Blue Hue

For you son 5.5.2017

This is perfect :) Looks like a steel blue colored daisy. Another fave of mine

Blue Daisy...in my bouquet ♥

Blue Daisy by far favorite ♥


Osteospermum 'Soprano White,' or African daisy has the pure white petals and blue center that gave rise to the common name of Blue-Eyed Daisy. Love these!

Shasta daises remind me of my Nana.XX

taggartjames: “ love daisy’s, I can’t get enough of them…. in my garden, I have several different sizes of them from the tiny daisy’s of the Flea bane, all the way up to Shasta Daisy’s that are over