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    JK Rowling is a genius. Love this!

    23 images to make you fall in love with Harry Potter all over again. (click to view) o-o #22 tho... Lol

    JK Rowling: Secrets Behind Harry Potter 15 Hidden Meanings in Harry Potter??

    i think this kid is a genius


    “The Boy Who Lied”: | 27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

    JK does it again. CHILLS

    Bellatrix is one of my all time favorite bad people!

    Tale of the Three Brothers from Beedle the Bard - Harry Potter

    Harry potter facts. I was surprised that there had been 6 cators playing Voldemort so here are the details

    Mind = Blown


    Harry Potter Men - Harry Potter & Ron Weasley & Victor Krum & Cormac McLaggen & Neville Longbottom & Fred Weasley & George Weasley & Draco Malfoy & Cedric Diggory

    And therefore the genius of J.K. Rowling

    mind blown.

    Love J.K. Rowling

    How Harry Potter Should Have Ended. Awesome. Rowling, you dropped the ball here.

    Okay, whoever thought Ron was USELESS, I totally disagree with you every which way.

    Maybe teared up a smidge.