JK Rowling is a genius. Love this!


Harry Potter. The three brothers. My mind is blown! I love how J.K. Rowling ties everything together

Life lessons from HP...Bboard idea!

i think this kid is a genius

I really teared up a little...


You’ll never really get over the death of Dobby. | 29 Things No One Tells You About Being A Harry Potter Fanatic

Tears. So many tears.

Tale of the Three Brothers from Beedle the Bard - Harry Potter

Bell Was Always My Favorite Princes. Maybe Because I Somehow Knew She Wasn't A Muggle And That's Why She Loved The Beast.

JK does it again. CHILLS


Well done, JK

Cry cry cry tears tears tears


Oh please JK, please please please...

J.K. Rowling about the trio

<3 Sarcastic Harry

HP- I didn't want the series to end! :( I seriously wish that some how there was another movie. Not some rip off with a shitty plot and acting, but one with a great story line-just like all the others. ----- I wish there was another BOOK!

The Tale of the Three Brothers... jk is a genius.