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They just need 'Crossfit Crazy Barbie', 'Selfie Barbie,' and 'Sorostitute Barbie' and they'd be good to go!

Omg, i just laughed way too hard at this!

This just made me laugh so hard!! I need a friend like this

I am totally getting one of these for my brother. My baby brother.

I laughed harder then I should have I'm sure!

Would have been great for the hospital photos :P maybe for the next kid :)

Something tells me the beard part of this would get really drooly and stinky

The pioneer of animal-kingdom photobombing: Crasher Squirrel! Click through to see where he's been since he inadvertently added himself to this self-portrait of a couple.

gets me every time. such a smooshie face with huuuuge eyes.

My only child. Even though she will be 19 years old in just three weeks...she will always be my little girl. I never knew what true unconditional love was until I saw her beautiful face. I love you, Bing