This is so wrong. Reforms need to be made

Use this free poster / anchor chart to help your students pull the supporting evidence and details out from the text.

FREE!! 7 sheets perfect for helping your students with vowel digraphs. Do you teach with Saxon Phonics? If so, then these will be a great addition to your lessons.

Guidelines for Deferred Action - information for undocumented students. There is an error, the DACA is if you are under 31 years old, not 30.

Quick reference to help my students remember their vowel sound choices. The a, e, i, o, u Chart: Sounds that Vowels Make Helper

How governments of other countries solve national problems.. America has 313 million people, unlike many other countries.

Those of you that think that children living in poverty in THE United States is a myth... Think again.

were #~~ ummm what # are we?

MOST. PRAGMATIC. VOTER GUIDE. EVER. On Upworthy. By Occupy Posters.

Louisiana needs better, affordable health care for our families and for our children, and Governor Bobby is quite happy to sacrifice our families all in the name of good politics. Unbelievable, really.

Two parties Two Different American Dreams. Republican values celebrate business interests to the peril of the American worker.

Obama's Achievements

We can do better.

Senator Al Franken on the way Liberals love America versus the way Conservatives love America. Such a smart man.

Ahaha! I wish we will get a list like this! I would do it like this too! Love it! (Poor teacher, lol)

Corporations are not people.

Sight word games!

I Teach!

∆ yes, why?