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Puppy Crush - My kids are dying for a new puppy. I keep telling them we need to potty train the 2 year old first!

When it comes to sleeping puppies in baskets, whatever the kind of basket may be, I just can't resist!

My soul is bleeding a little.... A puppy and a kitten adopt each other…

Nowhere else he'd rather be, I love my dog and my dog loves me!

I don't even know what board to put this on but it's too adorbz to not be repinned!!!

Ssshhhh...little one is trying to sleep and her little look of annoyance at being disturbed is most expressive.

Daschund puppy!! I swear, puppies are the cutest (along with all babies) BUT dachshund puppies are the all time cutest. Ask me how come I say that! LOL

Baby Ella's attempt going down stairs. - Imgur

How do you resist that face?!

Every kid should have a dog here to find out more

Can't handle the cuteness.