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The new Zero Engineering Type 9 looks old, and that's no bad thing. From the heavy-duty springer fork to the compact tail light cluster, it’s a modern remix of post-War American styling cues.

If I had money to buy, I would go with Zero-Engineering Type 9.


Zero Engineering Type 9 This is the second bike we’ve featured from Japanese masters, Zero Engineering. They’ve been around for a decade building incredible low-production number customs. Their muscular, no nonsense retro designs spawned a whole wave of imitators, all trying to get that “Zero” look. Well, this is the real deal, the new one. It’s called the Type 9 and the 96” S&S; motor makes it fly.

▶ KOOK! PANHEAD! - YouTube

ZERO ENGINEERING TYPE 9 MOTORCYCLE Technology developed for and tested in F1 racing often makes its way down to daily drivers. But motorcycles? The Zero Engineering Type 9 Motocycle ($TBA) is proof that what works on four ferociously fast-spinning wheels works on two as well, thanks to a F1-inspired multi-link suspension built from the ground up for a clean look and a superb ride.