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KANGAROO/ TRAGUS / Cartilage stud / Ring / Sterling Silver. Handcrafted

really wanna get my tragus pierced. goal for this summer hopefully i can convince my mom for my birthday!!!

I have this piercing..... and LOVE it. It's my favorite by far.

Venus by Maria Tash: Providing the Best Piercing NYC Offers | Clean Piercings, Gold Belly Rings, Diamond Nose Rings

tragus piercing - - LOVE!

tragus piercing-- getting this done next weekend!!! weee

I've always wanted my Tragus pierced. I was told mine was too small to pierce though :'(

I love the piercings. I feel like the lobe should have more, though...a small stud or two maybe.

wanting to get this one but with a labret... not a hoop

the exact piercings I want! already have the two lobes so just to get the tragus and helix!