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  • Clic-en-berry

    Gadgets 2000 Vs. Gadgets 2012 Et oui ça fait tout ça ;) #iphone #smartphone

  • Annie Belmonte-Pugh

    Gadgets in 2000 vs. 2012: What did we ever do before smart phones #technology #gadgets #mobile #iphone #smartphone

  • Jordan Bartlett

    Back in the late 20th Century. Everything was a lot bigger and bulkier than now and individual. Now you can find anything with one device. The "smart phone". With the advance in technology over the past 40 years or so years everything got smaller and squished together into one product.

  • Brian Green

    Gadgets 2000 Vs. Gadgets 2012 Funny how technology benefits us without our remembering back.

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