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    As soon as I run out of store bought stuff I'm making these: recipes for dishwasher detergent, rinse aid, daily shower cleaner, fabreeze, windex, clorox clean-up, and carpet fresh

    Mom's Super Laundry Sauce Detergent Recipe

    Homemade Dishwasher Pellets...only 3-4 cents each!

    This is the exact recipe my sister has been using to make her detergent, and another for fabric softener. It breaks down to .02 per load!!!!

    Save Money With This Alternative To Dryer Sheets

    DIY - Make Your Own Fabreeze - Simple recipe and great way to save money! #DIY #Cleaning

    Make your own laundry detergent.

    How to get your dishwasher squeaky clean and fresh smelling! ( Our inspector told us about this one!)

    Tired of spending $10-20 on a "Big" bottle of laundry detergent that lasts only a couple weeks? Here is a Super Concentrated Laundry Detergent Recipe that doubles as a laundry softener with a clean fresh Lavender scent- as if that weren't enough, you won't need a dryer sheet either! Oh, and did we happen to mention that it costs less than $2 to make enough concentrate to do 128 Loads of laundry?!

    Recipes for making your home smell fresh without chemicals.

    I made this last night. So instead of paying $5.00 or more a gallon for detergent I think it comes out to about 25 cents. The Complete {Photo} Guide to Making Your Own Homemade Laundry Detergent

    Most of us spend about $30 a month on just three basic cleaning items -- laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and a scrubbing cleanser. But you could make all three for less than $4!

    Blessing in a Bottle - also known as "kitchen Magic" This stuff will get through anything, make your sink and shower shine like new, and save you when just about nothing else works. Plus 4 more favorite homemade cleaners.

    DIY organic dishwashing detergent

    Dishwasher detergent

    DIY Laundry soap, Dishwasher soap, Rinse Aid, Daily shower cleaner, Febreeze, Windex, & Chlorox CleanUp!

    Liquid Dishwasher Detergent - ok so i finally found one. I will have to try it. It sounds like it works better than the powder one I tried. I hope so!!

    Save LOADS of money by making your own fabric softener!

    DIY Jet-Dry $0.008 per wash! Vinegar in rinse aid door

    Homemade Fabric Softener with a Fresh Scent Twist!

    Laundry Detergent