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1000 memories by Saving Annabel Lee. "1000 love songs! 1000 fucking goodbyes! 1000 heartbeats! 1000 fucking lies! You took my soul and dealt it like a card! Then laughed at me when you knew that times where getting hard. 1000 memories of a time i was happy and 1 day of my life when I'll feel it again."

Every little girl should be raised with Garth Brooks, pony kisses, and a bb gun under dad's close supervision. The ponies tide us over until the men act like the ones in those lyrics. And the gun slinging skills never really hurt, just in case.

saturday night she's rockin' out by the bonfire, flirting from that tail gate and cranking up the dial. come sunday mornin' she'll be singing with the choir, drivin' me crazy with that kiss me smile ♥

Got a rebel heart a country mile wide ♥

I adore LOVE & THEFT! Loved them the 1st time I seen them!

I feel like this song has a different meaning for me given that it came out when I was in my late thirties than had it come out when I was twenty-two.