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love this kittie's markings, it looks like it climbed down the inside of a chimney

. here to find out more

* * " I haz question. WHY do peoples say de haz repinned somethin' and whenz you go to their board, it's not there? I meanz, like NEVER. Dey beez liars den ?"

"A cat will allow you to sleep on the bed--on the edge." --Jenny DeVries

"The reason cats climb is so they can look down on almost every other animal. It's also the reason why they hate birds." --K C Buffington

I found this it yours?

Antique kitties I love the way cats look in vintage photos. Turkish angoras?

Rescued Kitten "Black Dot" | photo by Yang Min-chi

017/365 - Observándome des del hemisferio sur | Looking at me from the south hemisphere by Marc Mateos, via Flickr

Chris Illman....I'm going to sneak up on that mouse!