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  • Mark Rybka-Wachhaus

    ginger boy: Beards, Face, Natural Beautiful, Male Portraits, Red Hair,

  • Madré Vermeulen


  • Rachel Bowes

    Saw a cute freckled red head today

  • The Writer

    When I first saw Lief it was evident he was not a soldier. Freckles splattered across his cheeks and nose, his flaming hair was in a mess and crusted with dust. Blue eyes were young, innocent he has not seen the cruelty of the world yet.

  • Flo Renz

    Freckles and Redhair...

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eddie redmayne is proof of a creator okay this is not some genetic mistake look at that he is a freaking angel

Africa | Portrait of a young Masai girl. Tanzania | © Jean-Christophe Huet.

Africa | 'The Cross'. Portrait of a Fulani/Peul girl. Burkina Faso | © Sergio Pessolano

["Scott - Freckles" by Tori (mourninghasbrokn)]

Portrait of Fortuneteller, India by United Nations Photo, via Flickr

Such a Lovely Smile :-☽ (Luca Hollestelle by Agata Serge)

beyond beauty is expressed and magnified when natural looks are embraced..... ♥ ♥ ♥

Ahh curly red head with lots of face polka dots and blue eyes. What I should have been born as.

Billy Plummer (London born & based in Sydney), untitled

I'm freckly. I hated it when I was little but then when I was about 12 my Mum left a copy of Vogue on my bed. The cover girl had a VERY freckly face. It was a close up shot and she was stunning. It changed my attitude towards freckles forever. My 3 year old daughter is just developing her freckles now - I will do the same thing for her if she doesn't like them. Hers are ADORABLE.