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  • Anna Araucz

    Sidewalk chalk paint 1 cup water 1 cup cornstarch food coloring (any colors you desire!!) Mix the water and cornstarch together until combined. I then separate the mixture into cupcake tins or those smaller plastic cups. Then, get our your food coloring and add a few drops to each tin or cup

  • Pam Wickert

    Smashed Peas and Carrots: Liquid Sidewalk Chalk: 1 cup water, 1 cup cornstarch, food coloring (any colors you desire!!)

  • Adriane Brandenburg

    homemade sidewalk chalk paint

  • Jaclyn Ball

    This will be trouble! Especially when placed in water balloons and splattered on the concrete!

  • Melia Patterson

    sidewalk paint 1C water 1C cornstarch and food color

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liquid sidewalk chalk. this site has a bunch of activities

Liquid Sidewalk Chalk: All you do is mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of cornstarch. Then pour it into muffin tins or small cups. Then add food coloring to make the colors you would like. **You can also put the mixture into squeeze bottles for a different type of art experience.

DIY sidewalk paint using water, cornstarch & food coloring. My boys will love this. Today we have a break in the rain, they are itching to play outdoors, this will be perfect. Their artwork will wash away & they can paint new masterpieces tomorrow!

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk! - Gather your materials: Tempera Paint (use primary,and mix secondary colors) - Plaster of Paris - Water - Wrapping Paper Tubes or aluminum foil, plastic wrap - Wax Paper - Masking Tape - Sandwich baggies (for piping bags) - Scissors

Sidewalk Chalk Art--Super easy activity. Crush up chalk sticks, mix with a little water, and use paintbrushes for big solid strokes. The ultimate summer activity!

DIY Sidewalk Chalk. Now I know how to use my chalk recipe and get more than mush!

Homemade chalk spray. Not sure I would use this in the classroom but this would be fun for my grand kids who are home schooling or who are at home during the summer months.

Homemade Paint {Scented Sidewalk Chalk} ~ Learn Play Imagine

Easy recipe for rainbow sidewalk chalk paint - bonus: it erupts!

Here is a new and FUN way to play with sidewalk chalk this Summer! Sidewalk GOO Chalk has a traditional chalk-like texture but turns from a solid to a liquid right in kids' hands. Move your hands in patterned ways to create fun sidewalk art or simply let it OOZE.