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In pictures: Charting the depths

deep water octopus that lives at depths of about 2,700m in the Gulf of Mexico.

Vintage Ephemera: Illustrations, Octopus and Squid, C. 1800's --These octopi tentacles create beautiful forms and frames. great for a nautical themed wedding.

Blue Octopus > I just learned that the plural of octopus is not octopuses or octopi, but it is octopodes from the Greek, not a Latin word first. Well, I'm not going to go back and change anything. The first two are acceptable in dictionaries... ;-) I love 'em no matter what they're called...

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The Cool Coconut Octopus

Cool coconut octopus: Look no further than the floors of the western Pacific Ocean to find this stunning cephalopod in action, which is known for displaying atypical behavior for sea creatures, including walking the ocean floor on two legs.

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Mark Laita’s Breathtaking Photos of Sea Creatures

North Pacific Giant Octopus from "Sea": Mark Laita’s breathtaking photos of sea creatures

Albino Octopus: A new species discovered near hydrothermal vents on the Antarctic Sea floor, an area lacking sunlight, but rich in minerals. #Octopus #Antarctica #Albino_Octopus

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One-of-a-Kind Sea Creature Photos

A master of camouflage, the octopus can change color and shape to remain unseen, and release a “smoke screen” of black ink when spotted.

Coconut Octopus. Awesome peacock blue colors with black edges on its nontraditional shaped arms, and spotted rust red patterns. -DdO:) - - lovely underwater sea creatures pin via Tina field.