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To know this is true all you need to do is observe... More yoga inspiration at Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat Spain : www.valenciamindf...

Yep, keeping calm takes patience, but well worth the outcome.

"Karma, it isn't about revenge, or hate, or returning hate. It's about love, that everything you expel into the universe, comes back at you multiplied. I wish to receive good, therefore I put out goodness." -Last Pinner I love this idea for maybe a tattoo :)

GOD has SUCH a SENSE OF HUMOR OMG but i'm pretty happy. Very much happy. Cause it's the first of may, probably.

karma- the only tattoo I will ever consider getting (I've sworn I'd never get another pointless tattoo,being young and dumb cost me precious skin in 6 different places)

Create some. Love, that's where good Karma comes from, love even tho' you might feel like hating, still love them no matter what they have done.

LIFE is an Echo....another one I just absolutely love !!! And truly believe in

:: QUOTES :: yes hence break the cycle its the hardest thing when u break out of a comfort zone but the best for you in the end @quotes Amen!!!

Karma; do good things and good things will come your way.

I'll let you throw your jabs sweetheart. I'll smile while you eat your heart out being jealous. Karma will take care of you. ;)