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  • Brandi Brace

    camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree. I also read that you could just take the picture during the day. That with Christmas lights show up, but they don't overpower the picture

  • Tracy Pence

    Taking glowing christmas tree pictures- Shut flash off, turn to manual, set ISO to 3200 (or highest setting) and turn shutter speed down to 1/30th sec. Put on tripod or steady surface and snap away!

  • Kellyn Willis

    camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree and more great photo tips

  • Megan Budd

    Wish i could take christmas photos like this! Glowing Christmas Tree Pictures

  • Monica Dugan

    CAMERA SETTINGS & LIGHTING for pictures of a glowing Xmas Tree!

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Tree in the basket- Try something different

≈Love the galvanized bucket for the tree. #ChristmasTree #Holiday (also note treetop star - heavy outline, wrapped in jute, chickenwire fill - this is nice methods for variety of decor)

Living room - not so much...but my little girl would LOVE a tree like this in her room. :-)

Panel Wood CHRISTmas tree. $75.00, via Etsy. - love the simplicity of the design.

how to set your camera for a glowing photo ISO: 3200 SS: 1/30 f/1.8

Teaches you how to take pictures of your Christmas tree that actually turn out!

I hope I remember to look at this at Christmas time! how to take christmas tree pics without flash

Christmas Helper = My ManCub2 was like this! He was fascinated by the ornaments. He was forever taking them off the tree & I was finding them everywhere. So we made a deal, as long as he was careful he could take ANY ornament off & once he was done, he had to put IT back before he took another. At the end of the day the ornaments were ALL in this little 2x2 area, but we were both happy. 8-)

PINK Christmas tinsel tree!!! Bebe'!!! Love the pink and gold ornaments on the hot pink tree!!!

This is way prettier than the 70s garland version we tacked to the dorm room wall when I was in college...

Gorgeous! This is exactly, perfectly what i imagine when i think of my future home! the stone walls, meeting the brick walls. with dark brown wooded floors, and big picture/ collages on the walls... so perfect in every way! oh! and dont forget the lighting!