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Just saw "Magic Mike" and realized how talented Channing Tatum really is. Not just sweet rom-com guy--really talented. Woof.

Hugh Jackman, sweet gorgeous man. I try NOT to lust after married men...but you are the exception.... you sing, you dance, and my oh my how you fill out your pants. (forgive me Lord!)

theBERRYfrom theBERRY

Afternoon eye candy: Find him! (29 photos)

Oh. My. Word. Maybe not a full beard but who cares with those eyes

Oh no, I've dropped my Jensen Ackles eye candy in the dirt. Oh what to do, what to do ... I believe the "five second rule" applies here! :D

Hot Teen Stars Cameron Dallas And Alli Simpson Attend The Premiere Of His Feature Film EXPELLED -

Idris Elba- Sir if you keep looking at me like that, we are going to have problems!!!


19 Theo James Moments That Simply Couldn't Be Sexier

Theo James... Oh lord help me... I would marry him... time noww!!!!!