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I have been trying to convince my family to open a restaurant for like 9 years now.

finally was able to do it again (gave at 17 & needed blood back!). Donated last year and will continue to be a donor! Not only do i feel good about it, but i have a super rare blood type and have been called to do emergency donation at times! i love saving lives!!!

I didn't even know there was one of these..? But I definitely do now! :)

that'd be awesome. Just but a the cheapest ticket for a flight leaving soon and spend the weekend there exploring a new town.

If there is ever a time when technology alows the average citizen to go to space I WILL do it before I die! Idc how much it costs!!

Actually, I just want to be a foster parent or adopt any aged child, but a baby will do too :)

How to pack two weeks in a carry-on: Cold weather edition from Seventeenth & Irving. It's harder to do in winter, but it can be done.

before I die... check that... live on all.. well idk bout Antarctica... double check.. live on 6 of the continents for at least 6 months before I die...

Love this bucket list addition! Much better than "sleep in the Disney castle" or "get kissed in a snowstorm."

Even though we are divorced, my boy's Mother and I still work very hard to stay on the same page and work to raise our two boys. Of course it is ongoing and never truly completed.

And I shall have a daughter and her middle name will be Jean. The legacy must live on!