I'm stealing some of our neighbor's lavender for this.

So simple.

Here's another example using the planter box...I like the hurricane in the middle. Flowers would be in yellows, whites, oranges, greens etc.

wildflowers, burlap, lace, and a mason jar #Wedding Ideas #Wedding #Wedding Photos| http://romantic-wedding.lemoncoin.org

Centerpiece idea

tea lights

I'm in love with this idea!

roses under water with floating candles

Pre-punched paper at Michaels - wrap it around a glass cylinder and tape with double-sided tape for a lovely effect for a candle.

Inspiration for a tablesetting -- and a substitute for pricey vase filler. Go outdoors and find some stones!

I love this!!! would be perfect for like a wedding or something special =)

diy wedding centerpiece ideas

photo candles. use photo corners to secure snapshot to outside of glass candleholders

Summer wedding!


Dim the lights and get cozy next to some flickering candlelight tonight ;)) #MorningsWithMoll

**Ana Rosa

for the Guest Tables