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Police patrol Three Gorges Dam in China. Dam is at peak flow due to torrential rains along the Yangtze.  The Week in Pictures: msnbc.com

REFLECTIONS: Police patrolled along the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China Tuesday. The hydroelectric dam experienced its largest flood peak this year on Tuesday after recent floods.

The flood discharging of the Three Gorges Dam.

Complete information about the Three Gorges Dam, including reason to build the dam and layout, impacts and travel information about the dam


Zhuang Ethnic Group People in Longji Rice Terraced, Longsheng, Guilin

Roof detail, Beijing, China. Photo by Forrest Anderson. China photos by Forrest Anderson are available at rouviere.com.

Roof detail of a royal-style architecture in Beijing, Photo by Forrest Anderson.

China: The Forbidden City

China: The Forbidden City

Mandala. Cloisonné H. 22 1/2 in. (57 cm); Diam. 19 in. (48.2 cm). Lent by the Palace Museum, Beijing

Cloisonné H. Lent by the Palace Museum, Beijing

Discoveries and musings of a Wandering Bear

Oldschool vaping by Khanh Nguyen on