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    • Haley White

      mitosis donuts! how cute! perhaps mitosis cupcakes for a nerd party...

    • Heather Lamm

      mitosis cupcakes Awesome school project!

    • Lacey Scottum

      Donut mitosis - want to do this. Science humor.

    • Bailey Evans

      Donut mitosis. Why couldn't we do it like this at school?!

    • Vera Lulgjuraj

      OMG, my science teacher needs to do this! Cookies for each stage of mitosis! (Cell division, if those of you who don't know)

    • Megan Meaux

      The biology nerd in me was like "awe man why didn't our teachers teach mitosis like this? We all would have caught on much faster when we can get doughnuts in school! AND then we could have joked about a random drug search at school because the cops could smell the doughnuts!" Haha the stuff that goes through my head!

    • Susan Churchwell

      Cell division doughnuts. Totally going to do this with cookies

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