a clear glass tub!

Bathtub!! 0.0

"Northern Lights" Moving Color Tiles. The mood ring for your shower.

Motif Basin by Omvivo

walk in tub

countertops, walls with modern sink

by jaime hayon

I LOVE the tub & faucet in this bathroom. I love the way it looks out onto the patio & the vases lined up against the dark wall. Gorgeous....V

secret room... I want one!

Awesome bath tub

Bath tub

oh sweet!

10 Dream Swimming Pools Created by 4Blue Pools | http://www.designrulz.com/outdoor-design/garden/2012/08/10-dream-pools-created-by-4blue-pools/

Master bathroom. Love the layout... Different colors and I can't stand clear glass... Frost that stuff!

Infinity bath tub with fireplace. unreal.

clear tub

{ clear shelves }

Cool tips for re-doing your laundry room. I love the pet bath idea too

Pool, hot tub, AND a lazy river... Pretty much a dream!

fireplace next to bathtub... wow