The knitted sweater cardigan "Peacock Feather" /knit cardigans/ knitted sweater / knitted cardigan / sleeved with fingerless mittens/ OOAK. $215.00, via Etsy.

Mother Day gift - Peacock hand knit lace shawl - purple, blue, green spring. $90,00, via Etsy.

hand-knit icelandic sweater

Peacocks in Love Hand Painted Ornament. $80.00, via Etsy.

Recycle an old sweater into...Fingerless Gloves. #recycleoldsweaters



Handmade Indian Wood and Brass Textile Stamp- Peacock Motif. $58.00, via Etsy.

Peacock Watercolor Soft Pastels Peacock in Tree by VelvetHearts, $26.00

Icelandic Lopi Cardigan von unneva auf Etsy, $150.00

Peacock Flourish Beautiful long tail Embroidered by VelvetHearts, $26.00

$14.00. Eye of the Peacock earrings on French wires. Oh how I love these (and own them). :)

Peacock wire swirl earrings by silverowlcreations on Etsy, $38.00

The Peacock Native Style Woven Dreamcatcher by eenk on Etsy, $69.00 This would be great for my teenaged sister! One could get so creative when making dream catchers!

SOAP, New Orleans Inspired Pair of Peacocks and Hearts, Purple, Green, Gold, and Lavender, Scented in Juniper Breeze, Vegetable Based. $10.00, via Etsy.

garter st knitted sideways

Wool sweater.



PEACOCK Handmade Ceramic Tile Mosaic Art Table by HouseofWhisperingFir, $480.00

knitting inspiration