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  • Peter Larsson ❤♡❤

    Pikas, unlike marmots, are awake throughout the snowy mountain winters, huddled beneath the insulative snow cover. They spend a great deal of time hoarding greens for the long months without, which is why they are often seen skittering about the rocks with flowers in tow.

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Tiny Sugar Glider by Endangered-Wildlife Photographer Alex Cearns/Australia.

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Alaska... one in a billion photo The photo was taken at the entrance to Katlian Bay at the end of the road in Sitka , Alaska . The whale is coming up to scoop up a mouthful of herring. The kayaker is a local Sitka Dentist. He apparently didn't sustain any injuries from the terrifying experience. The whale's mouth is fully open with the bottom half under the boat. Look at the picture again - He is in the whale's MOUTH! by Mark Tennant.

Happy goat, ha! My sister used to have a cowboy hat wearing, smiling goat.


Whale Watch is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand.

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Ultramarine Lorikeet... Endemic to the Marquesas Islands. The introduction of the black rat has completely wiped out their population on at least three of the major islands.

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