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  • Peter Larsson ❤♡❤

    Pikas, unlike marmots, are awake throughout the snowy mountain winters, huddled beneath the insulative snow cover. They spend a great deal of time hoarding greens for the long months without, which is why they are often seen skittering about the rocks with flowers in tow.

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Great picture - I don't know if it actually was in Wyoming...but it could have been!

american badger | From #BadgersOverload Pinterest board, @BadgerMaps

The fossa is a carniverous mammal of the mongoose family native to Madagascar. Look at its gigantic baby paws!

Amazon River Dolphins - Amazing! I swam with these dolphins when I was there. They also have the most fabulous Caprihna drinks made served by the locals.

Scientists in Colombia‘s La Mesenia Reserve Forest spotted a young olinguito—a mammal recently confirmed as a new species. (Photo courtesy of Juan Rendon)

Bison | Wood bison to be returned to their ancient range in Alaska – News ...

Yellowstone National Park: I stood about 15 feet away from one of these guys, scary!

I had a Old English Ship dog as child. We bought her from a shelter, she really needed love. She was so sweet and gentle. She was our best friend ❤️

  • Mary Catsban

    Love it! I have had mine for 12 years and I am so blessed to have her in my life!

American Bison (Bison bison) crossing river, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA Photo: Peter LLewellyn

Green (Guinea) Turaco. South Africa. Learned about this guy in ornithology. One of the few birds to have green microstructures. Most of the time, a green bird is created through blue microstructure of feathers and yellow pigments!

Dusky Leaf Monkeys or Dusky Langurs are native to Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. The baby will lose that brilliant coloring by the time she's three months and will begin to turn grey to match the rest of her family.

The Beluga Whale also called The White Whale can mostly be found in Artic waters and become their brilliant white color around 5 yrs. of age. They are considered a smallish whale between 13-20' long and live 35-50 yrs. in the wild.