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    Pikas, unlike marmots, are awake throughout the snowy mountain winters, huddled beneath the insulative snow cover. They spend a great deal of time hoarding greens for the long months without, which is why they are often seen skittering about the rocks with flowers in tow.



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    Green (Guinea) Turaco. South Africa. Learned about this guy in ornithology. One of the few birds to have green microstructures. Most of the time, a green bird is created through blue microstructure of feathers and yellow pigments!

    American Buffalo

    Snow monkeys


    Fox in the snow

    "Hey man whats up! High 5!" (As much as I love/deeply cherish these "big cats".. I cannot imagine being *this* close without the thick zoo glass separating me..Just ~wow! God bless this animal..and those that give it care)

    Snow leopard

    Snow leopard #provestra

    Snow Leopard

    Wow. How'd I end up here? I sometimes ask myself the same thing...

    This sea horse is so gorgeous in the green water! I found a little seahorse skeleton to I cast in Silver! www.organicmetalg...

    Im going to try to make this into a painting!


    American badger

    number three

    Red Fox in winter

    Red Pandas

    American Bison "Buffalo", Yellowstone National Park

    Beach Time!