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Pikas, unlike marmots, are awake throughout the snowy mountain winters, huddled beneath the insulative snow cover. They spend a great deal of time hoarding greens for the long months without, which is why they are often seen skittering about the rocks with flowers in tow.

American Buffalo

Snow monkeys


Snow leopard

Fox in the snow

"Hey man whats up! High 5!" (As much as I love/deeply cherish these "big cats".. I cannot imagine being *this* close without the thick zoo glass separating me..Just ~wow! God bless this animal..and those that give it care)

The Green (Sea) Turtle is an Endangered Species, even though it is now protected throughout most of the world. Threats to the species include illegal hunting, habitat destruction, pollution, and accidental entanglement in fishing lines. Green Turtle @ Sipadan by lndr, via Flickr

Snow leopard #provestra

Fallow Deer in Winter Snow

Wow. How'd I end up here? I sometimes ask myself the same thing...

Wolf by Mark Dumont

Winter friends •

American badger

Kittiwake and chick. A small, cliff-nesting gull, the Black-legged Kittiwake breeds along northern coasts and winters out at sea.


number three

Red Fox in winter

Red Pandas