perfect hair

perfect big fluffy long hair.

Character inspiration


Full wavy hair, pinned back at the crown with a bow (any barrett/clip will do)

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big waves.

Windswept Beauty | Textured Messy Updo | Wine Stained Lip | Smokey Eye | Bridal Make Up | Wedding Style


Perfect Makeup

Rock n' Roll Waves-"At Versace, hair pro Guido applied volumizing foam to damp hair and rough-dried with his fingers, scrunching up the ends before twisting strands into a bun and misting with aerosol hair powder for texture. After hair had set, he released the bun and sprayed with more powder for a "cool-girl" look that was sexy and "uncomplicated."



hair colour


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Beachy Waves Tutorial

Full long bob brown hair inspiration


red waves

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