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    Why You Should Use SEOPressor – 10 Reasons


    Feeling numb and just couldn’t bring yourself together to do something, no matter how badly you want to do it, no matter how much your mind tells you to do it? That’s how writing has been for me lately.

    New On My Blog: Title: You Can Call Yourself A Writer But When? "You can call yourself a writer when you admit you are a writer. No one can say that you are writer, you are not. If people are saying it then ignore them their opinions not matters, what really matter is that you tell yourself that you are a writer." www.geekywriter.c...

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    “Why to be just another face in the crowd, when you can be the reason of crowd.”

    Read my recent experience with rude waiter, what i learned from him: " if you want to do work that matters, then make your work matter for you " What An Rude Restaurant Waiter Taught Me About Guest Blogging www.geekywriter.c...

    Our world is not a safe place for people who care about what other people think, and says about me. Because no matter where you go there will be people to judge you, to put you down.

    You Are a Great Writer, Believe Me

    Pinterest For Men

    The 20 Funniest Star Wars Memes Ever

    Pinterest Enabling Social Publishing and Online Branding

    Pinterest (Infographic) - Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest. by Jordan Crook, Wednesday, March 14th, 2012, TechCrunch

    New On My Blog: Title: I know Something About You Not Even Knowing You "I know something about you. Yeah! You heard it right. I know something about you without seeing you, meeting you and without talking to you on Facebook, twitter. I know something about you that you don’t know. You’ve great capabilities." www.geekywriter.c...

    5 Outstanding Ways to Attract More Comments on Your Blog Post

    Should your business be on Pinterest?

    It take more than thousands nuts to hold your car together, but it takes only one nut to scatter all over the road. And you can be that nut or you can be the reason of losing that nut.

    A Brief history Of #SocialMedia A brief history of Social media stretching from the launch of Bulletin Boards back in 1978 right up to the explosion in Pinterest this year.

    Pinterest Purchasing Power Infographic - Boot Camp Digital is excited to present our latest infographic on the importance of Pinterest to online sales... Did you know that Pinterest is the #1 referral of traffic to That and the rest of our statistics might surprise you. We've researched the web, and collected our own data, to visually educate you on the importance of Pinterest ...

    Best time to pin (daytime) -- 2-4 PM EST ::: Best time to pin (evening) 8 PM- 1AM EST. :::: Call to action = 80% increase in engagement ::: DIY/Tutorial/Recipe = 42% higher click through rate :::: Trending topics = 94% increase in click throughs. WOW!

    Build your Brand with Pinterest