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edmund dulac.

Princess and the Pea (The Real Princess), Edmund Dulac illustration to the Princess and the Pea fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Too funny, because I have several feather beds on my bed.

The PRINCESS AND THE PEA.  When I was a little girl, Mom helped me try an experiment with a pea and lots of bedding to see if I had any royal blood in my veins.  I could not feel the pea, but I sure felt Mom's love and support!

Gennady Spirin (Russian, contemporary illustrator) ~ Princess and the Pea; Hans Christian Andersen’s Favorite Fairy Tales

girl face - Pesquisa Google

Very interesting artist, Bec Winnel. Bec Winnel is a self taught artist and illustrator with formal training in Graphic Design. Described as subdued Victorian-esque portraits, Winnels works portray a sense of sadness and mystery under beautiful faces.

Julia Iredale | surreal illustration | illustrations of women | fairy tale art

Julia Iredale's Surreal Illustrations Get Inside Your Head

Vancouver-based illustrator Julia Iredale creates surreal imagery that fuses landscapes and female figures into singular, coherent scenes.

By Audrey Remnev

Andrey Remnev, Russian artist, uses the style of icon painting. Famous for complete immobility of characters and reference to Russian ethnic style.

Sobre escrever um Conto: 8 perguntas indispensáveis #recursosdoescritor

Alley By The Lake — PALETTE KNIFE Landscape Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov - Size: cm x 60 cm) I love Afremov's urban scapes executed by the looks of things with a knife in heavy impasto.

L7M - Brazilian graffiti artist

Conheça a arte fantástica do grafiteiro brasileiro L7M

Bird Street Art by Spray painted birds by Brazilian artist The mix of realism that morphs into more frenetic strokes of spray paint is really fun

Ilustrações inacreditáveis ​​por Stavros Damos

Line variation in portraits. The Rolling Stones: Illustrated Portraits by Stavros Damos Inspiration Grid Design Inspiration


This is a visual metaphor for a guy who's an insomniac. He has had sleepless nights counting sheeps. The flock of sheep and his face are more indications of him just counting a lot of sheep to try and get some sleep. anxiety over sleep