Love this - must do next year

Math teachers are hip - Hahaha love this #selfie #math #classroom

Math (a "language" of its own) visually broken into the process indicted by each English vocabulary words. A must know for interpreters whom often must really focus to get these concepts effectively accross and equally accessible to Deaf students in a second language like ASL.

So it's geared to 2nd grade, but would work great with many middle school students too. Just add no calculators to the instructions

I have attempted math rotations so many times over the years, but they never quite worked until I made one simple change...

great common core website! Would be really great to pull these ideas in our investigations curriculum.

Teaching in Paradise: Multi-Step Word Problems, Math Skits, and a FREEBIE

Cute math anchor charts.

(sample page) Kindergarten Common Core Solving Math Problem Strategy Posters for the Classroom. $

Daily 5 Math!

Keys to Math signs. Paste inside math journal. Also posted on "Math"

This poster aligns the words kids see in word problems with the Math operations they represent. It has helped my students translate word problems into equations that are easily solved.

Math Talk Moves Poster - Math Solutions Books & Resources Store

FREEBIES - Posters for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Key Words. Also contains words for sorting.

I wish every problem was as easy as a math problem. Life would be so much easier.

2nd Grade Smarty-Arties taught by the Groovy Grandma! Wish my handwriting was a cute as this!!

customary units anchor chart - Google Search

Such a great poster! Maths for the kids, show them the language behind the different symbols used in maths!

You always see posters for "What good readers do", but not many for math...

Maybe make an anchor chart for numbers 1-20 to keep up in the wall for a while?