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Hawaii !! DONE- My husband and I went to Waikiki and Maui for our Honeymoon- Fall- 11

will always remember how i get goosebumps when my dad show me pictures of the hawaiian and places in hawaii. have had a thing for it for A LONG LONG TIME.

Hawaï would be really nice to visit.

Visit Every Hawaiian Island / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die or to just visit Hawaii

I'd like to learn taiko drumming from a master...

Best time to visit Japan is actually a matter of personal preference. Is Spring the Best Time to Visit Japan? Spring months in Japan are March, April and.

Travel Bucket List - Someone wanna go with? I love water but for some reason the idea of this scares me to death.. but the white shark thing doesn't

I want to go scuba diving in the Caribbean by (next five years). I love the ocean and I think scuba diving would be so beautiful and a fun experience.

Really want to do some of these!

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Things to do! Except not the "online friends" part for me. and I've already made a pretty legit dream catcher.


Image detail for -beach, before i die, bucket list, bucketlist, kiss - inspiring picture . I'll probably do more than kiss.

#Before I die

Technically I have been to Hawaii already :) But I want to go back and have my Honeymoon or just a vacation! I went to Oahu