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So an open flame candle balanced in some books, on top of blankets, and blankets all draped around. I'd so accidentally kick that damn candle over and whoosh go up in flames. Like one of those cartoons only the eyebrows would be left hanging in the air!!!

✕ Antwerp Cafe, Paris / #paris #cafe #exterior

I love the movement of the water and how the sun is catching the droplets as the boat splashes along. The energy and peace captured in this photo really speaks to me and tells a story.

from note to self

An entry from note to self

The Colorhouse Scout palette brings the yearning for nature inside with a palette that creates the look of a campsite with CLAY .05, STONE .02, LEAF .05 and WATER .06.

THIS is why i kayak. You cannot experience the fullness of being surrounded by nature like you can in a kayak or canoe. Amazing.