DIY porcelain. Great for hand prints or ornaments :)

Make Clay with only two household ingredients! It air dries too so there's no need for an oven or kiln! WIN!

How to Make Cold Porcelain

Recette de porcelaine blanche faite maison Elle a l'avantage de sécher à l'air libre. Une fois sèche, vous pouvez vernir ou peindre vos créations. Recette : - 200g colle blanche vinylique - 140g Maïzena - 1 c soupe d'huile végétale - 1cs de vinaigre blanc

Not really Polymer Clay but I still want to try this. - The best tut I have seen for this Cold Porcelain Clay from

DIY Cold Porcelain Clay, no cook. Corn Starch: 1 and half cup, School glue: 1 cup, White vinegar: 1 Tblspoon, Cooking oil (olive oil) or baby oil: 1 Tblspoon, Body Lotion: 1 teaspoon

Cold Porcelain is a "clay" or paste that can be made at home and is composed of white glue and cornstarch. Cold porcelain is known throughout the world by many different names. It is also known as porcelana fria, masa flexible, biscuit, pasta di mais, among others. It is soft, white and flexible and can be modeled into small figures or large. Hard and durable when cured

Natural Leaf Prints

Wouldn't THIS make a cute dressing room hanger/hook in your consignment shop? Paint the hangers to match your decor, decoupage them, whatever... great little touch to make your resale shop unique, says

This unique sister gift ornament says, Sisters are different flowers from the same garden. Its a handmade salt dough heart ornament, its

how to make cold porcelain

Fun air dry clay! Going to have to try this over the salt dough clay!!!

This is the best recipe for paper mache paste that I have ever used! It dries hard and clear. ~M

diy cardboard logs

Magazine paper rolled up and glued to a balloon. Burst balloon after drying. I wanna try this!!

salt dough for ornaments : )

Great idea if the girls want to make items to sell for profits going as a service project. I think this would make an awesome service project for a 4H group or girl scout troop produce bag out of an old knit T-shirt.

How to Make Glue at Home #stepbystep

DIY Personalized Candle

4 pillows and 3 yards of fabric. Have seen this before but this one has instructions!!!