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Group of Ankole cattle. Kiruhura district, Western Region, Uganda. Daniel Naudé

African Lugbara Mom's Hat #1 #152062 A thickly woven rain hat worn by women of Lugbara and Mangbetu tribes, Congo and Uganda. Extraordinary...


Africa | People of the Omo Valley © Hans Silvester

Traditional Maasai body art, from a photograph by Art Wolfe in "Tribes"

Back to school celebrations for children in Ruyigi, Burundi.

Portret van man met de specifieke haardracht van de Shulluks aan de Bovennijl

Africa | Portrait of a Surma girl. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | © Boaz Images

A Wodaabe woman veiled in colorful scarves by Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith

Niger, Africa - Wodaabe nomad herding cattle. His father reprimanded him for riding a calf.

Himba tribe girl, Epupa Namibia

Dietmar Temps, Ethiopian tribes, Mursi

Africa | Dogon elder using fox divination for answering questions, which are set in a grid on the ground. The sand fox is believed to be the earthly intermediary and to communicate directly with the supreme Dogon god Ama. Here, he is setting the questions. Mali. | © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

Africa | Youssouf, Mosque of Koro Segou. Mali | ©Marsoyann, via flickr

Africa | Dogon hunter wearing a traditional tunic; they display the skulls of hunted animals on their tunics. Dogon country, Mali | ©marsoyann, via flickr

Africa | Man sitting at the entrance of a Taguna (a discussion hut, where the men meet up to discuss important matters). Traditionally carved wood pillars supporting a roof made out of millet. Dogon Country. Mali | ©Michel Renaudeau

Africa | "Dogon people" Mali | ©Anastasia Karpenko

Africa | "Dogon people" Mali | ©Anastasia Karpenko

Africa | Bozo woman wearing traditional gold earrings. Mopti region, Mali. ca. 1975 | ©Gaby Kocher

Bodi Tribe Warrior With A Turtle Necklace, Hana Mursi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia - Eric Lafforgue


Himba's spirit - Namibia, Africa ... great profile!

Himba tribes woman, Kunene region, Namibia

Africa | Himba