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    Beautiful Nike girl - think of her when I want a cookie.

    Perfection! i'm going to make a goal (sometime in the future) to get this BODY!

    It's never a question of can you, but will you?

    Nike has been the premier sneaker for years and they have some of the best athletes at the professional level representing them.

    Back On Pointe, A daily exercise plan! Do these exercises...

    A year from now, this is what I'll look like.

    I used to always think buff chicks with 6 packs were gross or manly looking. Then I started working out 6 days a week, eating healthy and respecting my body. I've watched it change and progress as it has become my temple. I learned to appreciate muscles and am in awe of their power. Now, I think this woman is beautiful and without even knowing her, I completely respect her.

    I love how I sit here and Complain about my body but then I don't really do anything about it.

    and again, and again, and even once more... no matter if no one is there to help you, just do it.

    I've had these words on my vision board for over 12 years - everything you need to know is inside of you now!