really cool with everyone but us being in black in white


When everyone stands and turns around to watch the bride walk down the isle, I like to look back at the groom and see the look on his face when he first sees his bride :)

Such a cute bride/ bridesmaid picture :)

Pre wedding shot without groom seeing the bride....cute.

Lining the aisle with pics of the groom and bride!

A "just for him" wedding photo. WOW! Send to the groom the morning of..

Wedding Photos

Having empty chairs across from the bride and groom. This way the newlyweds can actually sit and enjoy the meal and it’s up to the guests to say hello. GENIUS

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This is cute! Pretty much any uniform jacket(military, cop, etc) would be cute!

First dance photo...

GREAT idea: do a private photo shoot of the groom and bride seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day prior to the ceremony. Saves time and is ultra personal! #JustFabinlove #Wedding

every bride should have a pic like this, so beautiful

fun wedding pic

Groom's wedding photo....So have to do this!!

flower girl delivers a message from the bride to the groom when she comes down the aisle.

Ring Warming – The Ring Warming Ceremony is a beautiful way to take the ring exchange a step further while including the wedding guests. Early in the ceremony, the rings are tied together and passed around to the guests who are asked to say a silent prayer or blessing for the couple when the rings reach them. By the time the bride and groom exchange the rings, they are filled with the warmth and love of their family and friends. Never heard of this!


Lovely wedding cake with lotus Sugarflowers

What girl doesn't want this to be her groom's reaction?