Transgender Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Kid from Mars (1949) by Mars book covers: Science Fiction & Fantasy, via Flickr

Funny how this sort of thing seems more taboo today than it did over 50 years ago...

Space Fiction Gemini Picture Library: The Womanoids.

The science fiction of Edgar Allan Poe is not science fiction as we know it

I love pulp fiction

Science Fiction: Photo

Science Fiction Magazine

valve / test tube

beatnik pulp

THE GREEN QUEEN | pulp cover science fiction

science fiction novel cover

Science Fiction

Vintage Men's Pulp Magazine Covers | Cover of Rugged Men from October 1960 featuring a man whose day has ...

Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, August 1952

Vintage Men's Pulp Magazine Covers | Pulp Sci Fi Magazine Cover Startling Stories Murray Leinster

Fantastic Story Magazine Science Fiction Pulp Magazine

AMAZING STORIES | vintage science fiction pulp cover art

Cover art for Great Science Fiction By Scientists, by Don Ivan Punchatz, 1962

Milton Luros cover, (Science Fiction Quarterly, Nov 1952)

"The First Sex Science Fiction"