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Jane Eyre - I stayed up all night reading this book. I think I read it in one or two days. Lol. I also enjoy the movie, my favorites include the version with Orson Welles and the newer 2011 version. I own both.

love the text + pattern integration

Here is the contribution from my favorite Bronte sister. Although they are all very talented writers, Emily is kind of dark and creepy for my liking. Although this book has a lot of strife in it, there is light on the horizon. It really makes you think!

Jane Eyre. This isn't my favorite version; however, between Michael Fassbender, the costumes and scenery, this movie is a visual feast.

Charlotte Brontë's plain governess heroine was boring and smug, but she's really not. She's clever, she questions authority, she knows beauty is only skin deep, and she sticks to her guns. She's candid about her feelings, and she is kind to her friends. The crisis of her life comes when she finds her fiancé is already married. She refuses to run away with him, urges him to be kind to the wife he hates, and leaves with nothing and rebuilds her life. No wonder she gets a happy ending at last.

Literary Book Series - JANE EYRE by BRONTE - Sterling Silver Charm. $23.00, via Etsy.

After running away from her unloving and cruel aunt, the orphaned Jane endures a harsh existence at an Evangelical school, where she at least finds some friends and kindness. When she comes of age, she takes a position as governess to the children of the moody, Byronic Mr. Rochester. As time passes, she begins to fall deeply in love with her magnetic employer... The best part of this book is that it sets itself up to be critiqued and analyzed, particularly in word choice and character types.