nerd baby



This made me giggle, so cute Taeg's used to flip around and we'd call him super baby :)

If I only had a baby!!

baby LBD


This is awesome!

baby onesie

Maternity Halloween Costume Iron On Pregnant Skeleton - Etsy - $ 14.99. SO CUTE !!!! This will be my halloween "costume" haha

Swaddling a Baby..the correct way

Nothing will be more accurate.than this, right here.

Cute baby gift and could make it yourself so easily

Bahahahahaha I am buying this for your baby one day :)

OMG that's hilarious!

Cute "I'd Flex But I Like This Onesie"-3 COLOR options- baby- Onesie- Clothing-infant-Lifting- Workout on Etsy, $12.99

Baby love

every day when I welcome my baby boy to "join us on the outside" I think about Marty McFly's "jailbird" uncle who likes his barred playpen a lil too much. :)

funny onesie

R2-D2 baby!!

How to Organize Baby Clothes