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  • Mariel Valley

    The bucket list | Before i die |

  • Chloe Haggard

    Bucketlist: Move to a Different Country- done!

  • Katherine Jones

    #City Lights

  • Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

    #travel the world #map #inspira_hotels

  • Chanelle Valentina 21ForeverJK

    I have traveled all over Europe & to some states in America as well as certain other countries!! My life story begins when my Swedish father & my German mother met in college in Seatle! I was planned & later born in Sweden on my parents visit to family there!! I have a large Swedish & German family some of them moved from there to America! When I was six & bid farwell to my Swedish friends we moved to America first we moved to Seatle where my dad took care of me while my mother went to Missoula, Montana to find a big house near her German parents & because my Swedish family also lives there we ended up moving there & that's where I met my best friend whos American but has family in Germany!! My dad eventually got a job in Denver, Colorado that was important, My best friend & her family moved with us, eventually, to Denver because that's where my fathers job was!! We got a large house & even thogh I made three best friends there, who eventually moved far away & then I hated Colorado because people were mean and imature and even inapropriate we moved to Germany near German family, when I was 14-16 years old, we moved back to Colorado to try to sell our house but eventually put it up for rent & then we moved to Hawaii for a little over half a year and we were planning on living there permantly until my dad was offered an even more important job in England which then we moved & because we have a few family members there as well we took that opportunity & then we lived in Italy for two years, but not permantly, we also have a large family there and I made friends there as well!! We moved back to England and I am now 21 & living here still!! My American friend and I are still so close we are like sisters & I have a best friend in Sweden & France & we also all visit eachother very often, I have close friends in other countries as well!!!

  • Amie Cotter

    Inspiring image before i die, country, Dream, travel, wish, world #902275 by awesomeguy. Resolution: 500x320px. Find the image to your taste!

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