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GOD/DOG...anyway U spell it it is pure love love love

Animal Abuse ~ Luke is a beautiful compassionate teen boy for his act of bravery!

Stop Animal Abuse -please say "stop animal abuse" on one of these several pins on my board and I will share this board with you

If this is true. This is very disturbing I will have to start checking my makeup. I have two cats and this just breaks my heart.

LOVE THIS!!! Stop Animal Abuse I would really fucking do this! I would smash the damn window to save a dog...

Donate Clicks , Likes, and Tweets to help stop animal cruelty | Care To Click

Stop Animal Abuse! This is one thing that I do not tolerate! Makes me so sick to think that someone could hurt something so beautiful. All animals are special!

Animal Abuse, the savages that can do this, should have the same done to them. Be part of the solution, SPEAK OUT AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE