classic. This Krysta is fantastic. Fern Gully

The best Lydia I've ever seen!!! View more EPIC cosplay at

Tinkerbell by Tink Ichigo, Photo by Taranie.

The curtain dress! Love this Giselle cosplay from Enchanted. - 10 Giselle Cosplays


Poison Ivy Cosplay. I very much want to do this one for Rose City in September!

Ferngully Crysta cosplay!


Darth Vadette

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Wednesday Addams by Helen Stifler

Neytiri - Avatar cosplay

Epic Daria Cosplay. I'd be a horrible liar if I said I didn't squeal a little over these photos...especially when it came to the Daria and Trent ones. ^_^

Game of Thrones

Best father/daughter cosplay ever

@Sarah Meiklejohn

Monterey Jack & Gadget from Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers Cosplayers: ? Photographer: ? Source: themetapicture


Geek Parenting - you're doing it right

Pikachu evolution cosplays (Pichu, Pikachu & Raichu)