So clever! Dry erase boards from white corner tiles - this is SO smart for labeling food at parties!

GENIUS! Clear plastic cups with cupcake liners inside. Such a cute idea for a party.


Her blog has a ton of easy, meaningful gifts to make

Cute clip boards decorated with scrapbook paper.

DIY Table Signs. Small frames mounted on short candlesticks, all painted white all bought from the dollar tree. i could even make then chalkboards so i could write prices and ect

Host an ugly dress party<----Great idea! Looks fun. :)

Use Crayons for Dry Erase Boards instead of markers which dry out. I had no idea that this would work!

So clever!

This website seriously has the cutest party supplies I have ever seen! And at a very reasonable price.Bright Chevron Ice Cream Spoons


Wow! So many smart ideas!

Clever idea for entertaining.

Wine Glasses flipped upside down with candles on top and flower underneath. Super cheap DIY #wedding centerpiece Get ideas for your own amazing wedding - visit

Ice Cream Balloons

Slumber Party Snack

little party hats on headbands

Player must un-spool 2 rolls of party streamers using only their hands and arms. All the teams were tied at the end so whoever could unwind the party streamer the fastest would take the gold.

puzzle cutting boards - I saw these on cup of jo a year ago and i still want them... they fit together! and hold a glass of wine!