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  • Anisa Garza

    You could pass out tickets everyday and do a drawing if 2 kids did each of your classes for your positive behavior incentive...just a thought. "Caught Ya"- Positive Reinforcement; Have monthly drawings for a special treat

  • Haleigh Bloomfield

    Positive reinforcement - Put a cotton ball, marble, pom-pom, etc. in every time you catch your child being good. Do something special when it's full. Great way to focus on, and reward, positive behavior!

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Positive Reinforcement - Put a cotton ball, marble, pom-pom, etc. in the bowl every time you catch your child being good. Do something special when it's full. Nice reminder for mom to notice good behavior and acknowledge it!

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Give kids 'warm fuzzies,' (colourful pom-poms) for acts of kindness, humility and generousity.

  • Cindy Fisher

    This is such of a great idea to motivate siblings at home!


    So simple yet so amazing! Thanks for sharing

  • liz krause

    I want to try this, would I do two separate jars for two kids. The older one would fill up faster because she's normally better behaved. But I have no idea if the younger one would get discouraged by that and not want to do his at all? Any suggestions?

  • Joanna Clare

    Liz, I would keep the two jars in different rooms so they can't be easily compared. Maybe buy a bag of mixed size pom poms so that you can't easily tell how many are in each jar by looking at them. If the younger one finds it harder to undertake kind deeds, see if you can pay attention to their behavior and point out even the smallest kind deed that they do to help motivate them.

  • liz krause

    I'm going to try that. Thank you for your suggestion!

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This is something we do often in our home. Whenever we ask a child to do something and he or she responds with "I'd love to!" then a pom pom goes in the jar. When it's full, we go out for frozen yogurt. We don't do it ALL the time, but it's an investment in a habit that has resulted in sweet responses (even without the yogurt). -April

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Add rainbow colors each time a child is caught being good. At the end of the week if the child earns all the colors, they get a prize. Great for PBIS positive reinforcement.

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Classroom Bingo Board: Behavior Incentive-When you are trying to work on something as a class, you can play Bingo! Decide what the class needs to work on. Once they exhibit that behavior (walking quietly in hallway, homework turned in on time, etc.), have a student pull a number out of a hat. The number they draw gets covered up. Once they get a Bingo, have a class reward!

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