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@BurlesqueChef Take blue cheese (I love gorgonzola) cream, @gleniskorganic Crème Fraiche and mayo (all equal amounts). Blend well #showusyouryogurt

@_maymelanie Love this limited edition Raspberry & Lemon Curd flavoured @gleniskorganic Low Fat Greek Style Yogurt. A perfect topping for a healthy fruit, nuts and seed based breakfast. #showusyouryogurt

@BurlesqueChef Taa-dah! Creamy Blue Cheese dressing! #showusyouryogurt

@Ddurran: #glenisk lovely in the garden #showusyouryogurt

@BurlesqueChef Good mornings are had with #glenisk yogurt over melon with ginger and mint sugar syrup and topped with seeds #showusyouryogurt

@thelifeofstuff: My healthy start to the day #showusyouryogurt

@_maymelanie Limited Edition Greek Style @gleniskorganic yogurt, blackcurrant and orange flavour is totally yummy and my favourite flavour. Really fresh and tangy #showusyouryogurt

@_maymelanie When I'm on the go and on the road I reach for my healthy tasty @gleniskorganic to fill me up and keep me going until my next meal. I love this honey granola pot #showusyouryogurt

@_maymelanie Cucumber and mint with #Glenisk Organic Natural Yogurt #showusyouryogurt

@_maymelanie: The makings of super tasty breakfast. Mixed seeds and nuts, dried and fresh fruit, Irish honey, pomegranate molasses, cinnamon & fat free Glenisk Natural yogurt #showusyouryogurt