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After 1942 the production of the "Mittlere Einheits Pkw" was phased out in favour of the Steyr 1500 chassis, which has a considerably simpler drivetrain than the Horch. A closed "Funkkraftwagen Kfz 17" was built on this chassis with a separate cabin mounted behind the cab.

Steyr 1500 A Russia, summer 1942 - A FlaK unit Kfz.70 Steyr 1500A/01, followed by two Sd.Kfz.10 FlaK 38 vehicles in the Ukraine, 1942.

The Steyr 1500 A was quite popular. It was propelled by a Steyr V8 engine with an engine size of 3.5 litres and a power of 85 HP and it had all-wheel drive. The Steyr 1500 A/01 with internall spare wheel was manufactured from September 1941 to around August 1942.