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    Definitely want a variety of these posters in my house. Well, at least one or two!

    Kisses for you

    ❂ “I belong to you; there is really no other way of expressing it, and that is not strong enough.” — Kafka

    They met in a hurricane Standing in the shelter out of the rain She tucked a note into his hand Later on they took his car Drove on down where the beaches are He wrote her name in the sand Never even let go of her hand You are the one... ❤❤

    “Underwater Kiss” by Coby Whitmore - 1959

    Ladies -- don't stop looking until you find a true man! :-) Q

    :'( awww! This isn't funny but I don't have a board for "Incredibly adorable story's"...I should though...lol

    Composing a novel begins at that place where your heartache falls out of your thoughts and onto a page! You'll know it when that lump in your throat begins to quiver and your eyes are watering and you hold your lips tight so as not to let the pain out, appearing strong and unphased, you slip away to hide in your journal..... writing until your tears are dry and your head hurts with relief!

    That knock you off your feet, overwhelming, butterflies in your gut, palms sweating, spine tingling, unable to find the words to describe kind of love!!!